Psst, want to buy a bridge?

2 thoughts on “Psst, want to buy a bridge?”

  1. “Whether it’s the government in Washington, a little company here in Colorado, or Blue Cross in Wherever, USA, there are going to be bureaucrats standing between me and my doctor every step of the way.”

    I had a hunch you’d agree with that.

  2. Hey 30,
    This post was aptly named. And you’re right – these folks are clueless and much of the costs of healthcare have little to do with the healthcare itself and more to do with liability and our society’s fixation on suing anything that moves. Perhaps if we insisted that our ‘leaders’ had to partake of the insurance options that we have, rather than getting free medical care of the highest quality as part of their perks – they might get it. Although, since we don’t even sneeze at the fact that they vote themselves raises every year, have a lifetime pension even if only serving one term, don’t pay payroll taxes and fly around on jets whenever they’ve a mind to – I doubt we’ll insist they get real about healthcare, eh?

    Exactly! They don’t live on the same planet as the rest of us. Never have. And boy did you hit a nerve with the voting themselves pay raises. I can’t remember how many decades ago I first learned they could do that, but it is just wrong, wrong, WRONG! It should be illegal for anyone to be able to do that. But since they’re the lawmakers … we are so screwed. And health care … sheesh! What we’ve got is the result of 40 years of them constantly “fixing” the system. Please, no more fixing!

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