Hey, WordPress added ratings

I’ve been getting lazy with my posting this summer. Only today did I notice WordPress has added a ratings option to its list of goodies. Ratings of posts, pages, and/or comments.

It would be nice if by implementing the ratings, they would instantly appear on all your posts, since older posts are often the ones that bring in new readers. But having them from today forward will be fun, too.

Go to WordPress to read about them, or look for the option on your dashboard.

As usual, you can expect me to be playing around with them. One thing I’ve already noticed is if you trying to mess around with the settings after the post is published, the rating thingy seems to disappear from the post. So here goes my third attempt to get this post in place with the rating thingy included …

Addendum: Apparently WP still has some work to do on this feature. ATM it doesn’t show on the main blog page. Readers must click on the post head and go to the individual post page to see it. Bummer. It’s a cool idea … if they can just get it working properly.

Oh, and BTW, it does show up on older posts. You just have to be on the individual post’s page to see it.

(I should rename this post “Learn along with me.”)

2 thoughts on “Hey, WordPress added ratings

  1. I tried the option but later decided to turn it off. It is too much of a distraction and my posts are bound to receive bad ratings.
    I’ve not been overwhelmed with votes, good or bad. What I don’t need is another big indicator that nobody ever reads this blog, so I, too, may end up turning it off.

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