Obama wins Nobel Peac … wtf!?

You won’t get if often, but here’s my commentary cold, prior to any national media input other than glimpsing one headline:

Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize!? But he hasn’t done anything yet! He’s said a lot of soothing things to world leaders, but I don’t think that warrants a Nobel Prize. Even Jimmy Carter managed to have a summit meeting before he won it.

Okay, I sensed, as much as an individual can, a change in the tone of the global conversation after he was elected. Just as likely that was a change in the tone of the liberal media. Either way, it’s all talk.

Seems to me a Nobel Peace Prize should be based on accomplishments, not words and promises.

(That said, NOW I’m going to turn on the TV, and I’m betting I’ll have trouble finding reports about this morning’s moon shot amidst all the Obama Peace Prize claptrap.)

One thought on “Obama wins Nobel Peac … wtf!?

  1. Heh! I totally see your point. And yet, as one of my friends put it, it’s awesome to see the right-wing pundits in apoplectic fits about it. Such a wicked, wicked liberal I can be sometimes…
    Honestly, at the rate they’re going, I think all those right-wing pundits will have had strokes or heart attacks by the end of the year.

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