Yet another terrorist failure

3 thoughts on “Yet another terrorist failure”

  1. And NOW, we’re going to limited to one carry on, stuck in our seats for hours on end, and who knows what. I’m glad to hear that the airlines are supportive of the one carryone.. when I’m charging my passengers like the shitty airlines do (DELTA DELTA DELTA) well you get the point. What about thinking through how a guy on the TSA’s list of NO FLY gets cleared to fly to America to begin with.

    When do we start enacting real security measures, oh say like profiling?
    Sorry, I feel better now.
    Profiling! Hell, yes! You know we’re doing it wrong when people like me (66-year-old white grandmother with Okie accent) get pulled aside and wanded while Middle Eastern muslims walk right through the gate because it wouldn’t be PC to “profile” them. These people have announced their intention to kill us. And still we don’t profile them!!?? We’re as crazy as they are.

  2. I am so sick and tired of being told I have to live my life worrying about what the jackass next to me is going to do, and as far as I’m concerned, the U.S. lost the “war on terror” long ago. When this country gets its head out of its ass and realizes that imperialism and attempts at total world domination ingratiate Americans to no one, stops screwing in the internal affairs of another country, and stops planting seeds that yield poisonous crops 20 years later, that’s when this crap will stop happening.
    Sing it, sister.

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