PC it isn’t, but profiling is logical

3 thoughts on “PC it isn’t, but profiling is logical”

  1. We are in complete agreement. And I’m an old bleeding heart lib, albeit with some libertarian leanings.
    I claim no labels, since my views vary widely depending on the subject. But I try to think logically most of the time, and this idea of not profiling terrorists is dangerously stupid, IMHO.

  2. Sadly, there is no place for logic in our society. It’s all politically correct- so as not to hurt someone’s FUCKING feelings. No, common sense and logic went out the window forever and a day ago. How are we ever going to get back to that? Are we ever going to get back? It’s so rihdonkulous, I just have to throw up my arms and laugh at this point. Profiling, puh-lease!
    Hurt feelings are a small price to pay when trying to stop terrorists. If we have to hurt a few feelings to stop some killers and save some lives, so be it.

  3. The thing is, the people who would be doing the profiling can’t tell a Latino from an Arab from an Italian. That’s why I’m against it. I know too many people who were born here or actually fled to the U.S. because of terrorism who then got detained and harassed.

    Last night I watched the movie “Inside Man.” There is a great scene in which the cops call a Sikh an Arab, and later when they are questioning him, he gives them a lot of grief about his turban. They try to calm him down because they know he’s about to sue the department.
    You may not be able to tell Arabs from Nigerians from Italians (until you check their papers), but you can tell a young man from a child or an old woman. It’s just dumb for TSA to spend time questioning, say, an elderly Caucasian woman or a child while a twenty-something Arab-looking man boards the plane unchecked. Narrow the search! Don’t waste resources stopping people who obviously aren’t suspects.

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