McChrystal might get off with only a tongue-lashing

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. senior commander in Afghanistan, is reporting to his Commander-in-Chief tomorrow in Washington for what some are saying will be a request for his resignation. At least, that’s what’s anticipated, since Obama ordered the general to Washington from overseas.

The press is having a field day with comments from McChrystal and his staff in a Rolling Stone article scheduled for publication on Friday.

McChrystal’s remarks have been imprudently critical, and he and his staffed yakked it up like boys in the locker room or, perhaps, men taking a break from the war. The only thing surprising in what they said was that they had the poor judgment to say it on the record for a reporter. However, poor judgment in talking to a reporter doesn’t necessarily translate to poor judgment on the battlefield.

The man doesn’t strike me as particularly likable, or as a suave, polished man about town. He’s a soldier, after all. He’s supposed to be tough; he kills people for a living. If he looked or acted like a Washington politician, I’d be worried about his ability to get the job done.

I’m just saying, I don’t think his firing/resignation is necessarily a slam dunk.

4 thoughts on “McChrystal might get off with only a tongue-lashing

  1. He’s a four star general. He’s supposed to be an arrogant dick. If you’re not an arrogant dick and you’re a four star general, how did you get there? Show me a four star general who isn’t an arrogant dick. This entire thing has been blown way out of proportion. If he’s not doing his job, that’s another story, but if he’s just being a prick, then all he needs is an attitude adjustment.

    1. He sounds like some surgeons I’ve known. You can’t be a tentative wuss when your job is making life-and-death decisions every day.

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