Condoms in grade school!?

2 thoughts on “Condoms in grade school!?”

  1. Condoms for first graders?!!! Why Not, the Superintenant said “condoms yes, but tell your kids NO SEX” So, while were at it, lets give the kids semi-auto macine guns (but no ammo), shot glasses, but no whisky and how about a crack pipe!!!
    This methodology is psychologically damaging to THE MINDS OF OUR FUTURE! This is a clear message to our children, one oversight of the “Super” leave this decision to the Parents (most, I hope) should be the moral police, not the schools —WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR SCHOOL !! GOD HELP US!

    1. These days it’s a wonder schools have any time left to teach; they’re so busy being parents, disciplinarians, police, babysitters, cooks, dress code enforcers, etc. I blame irresponsible parents for a lot of it. If parents would be parents, the schools could return to their primary job of delivering an education.

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