Holding out before you’ve played a game

I didn’t know for sure who Tim Tebow was until I heard he and his mom were going to do an anti-abortion ad during this year’s Super Bowl. Such a commotion before we even saw the ad.

But the whole flap did remind me that he’s the overtly Christian player who writes Bible verses on his eye black. Denver ended up drafting him, and this evening I heard news that he, a rookie draftee, is already a no-show holding out for more money. I thought that sounded pretty brazen, staying away from training camp for your first gig as a pro.

My doubts about his fitting in here are stronger than ever now. First because this team has seemed to be little more than a bunch of troublemakers in recent years, with all kinds of questionable and outright criminal behavior going on in their off hours. Not exactly the kind of group where I’d expect a home-schooled, born-again Christian, still tied to mama’s apron strings, to make a strong showing as a leader. And Denver is only the first of a long line of bad actors he’s going to be meeting in the NFL.

I just hope for his sake he’s more mature than he appears to be, because he’s not the only QB on the roster.

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