People-watching at the DMV

2 thoughts on “People-watching at the DMV”

  1. Holla! One guess who this is. Ok, I’ll give you hint(s): Mabel. JavaQueen. Lumpy. Gawd, I exhaust myself! LOL! I love this post and what is better than people watching, “The girl sitting next to me had schlepped in wearing big pink fluffy slippers and seemed to be in a stupor.” – oh, you got a laugh out of me there. You are very perceptive and I love the way you wrote this. When I’m out there people watching, and other people are sitting around doing the same thing,I hope to them I am just one of those 30 something average people blurred into the background and not the lady with the big huge ass! Quite a possibility ya know?

    Love this post and so nice to see you again PT! I’ll be by later gater. XOXOXXO

    1. JQ!!! Great to see you again!! I sure have missed you. Yes, I think the only place the people-watching would be better would be up the road at the pedestrian mall in downtown Boulder. A liberal college town populated with students, aging hippies, and the super rich. I might have to do that some day.

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