Egypt through the media’s eyes

5 thoughts on “Egypt through the media’s eyes”

  1. I’ve had grave misgivings about the news from Egypt from day one, as it’s seemed to me that the media’s “documenting history” felt too much like the media proving that it can “be a driving force for change in the world.” I won’t pretend to know what’s right for the people of Egypt, but I feel so bad that their what’s right for them may play little or no role in the outcome. I also felt bad for president Obama, at least in the beginning, for having to deal with a nightmare not of his creation. I’ve since changed that opinion after seeing the way he’s allowed the media to drive his own actions as well.

    BTW, I saw in a documentary recently that the crowd’s struggling to pull down Saddam’s statue were doing it in the name of Muqtada al-Sadr, who they hoped to replace him!

    1. I can just imagine the media at Saddam’s statue nudging some US solders on the sidelines to “get in there and pull that thing down so we can get some pictures.”

  2. Frederic Bastiat wrote a piece titled “That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen” You’ve written a valuable piece here that carries with it the same admonition… On the surface, sometimes what is seen is less significant than the things that aren’t easy to see.

    My own view is that we shouldn’t have been supporting this dictator in the first place and what happens in Egypt is their business.

  3. I don’t think of myself as an isolationist – at all – but I do believe in minding my own business.

    I think this view will become more popular when China begins to assert it’s more justified rights as our landlord.

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