It’s time to bust the unions

6 thoughts on “It’s time to bust the unions”

  1. I’m an old fart with a long list of anecdotal union experiences that I’ve accumulated in over 50 years worth of employee/employer relationships and I’m usually incited to highlight some of them in any description of union outrages, however…

    Good job, Pied.

  2. Well, I’m going to disagree with you. I think this is nothing but political recalcitrance on Walker’s part. I also feel that if he gets his way, it sets a precedent for union-busting across the board. Knowing what people are dealing with in the U.S. workforce, and the predominant, exploitative sentiment of everyone from taxpayers to corporations with respect to labor, we cannot afford to put more power in the hands of those who have wrecked this country. Workers have it bad enough here. Destroying unions would further increase the gap between rich and poor and play right into the hands of Wall Street fat cats and petty office tyrants who already take the piggish attitude that the world is their feeding trough. When middle managers can fire someone for the first time they are two minutes late because there are 100 other poor schmucks waiting in line, we are in a sorry state indeed. I support Wisconsin teachers and all unions 100%.

  3. Also, most states are now employment “at will.” That means you cannot be coerced into joining a union, you are free to seek employment without pressure to join a union or automatic enrollment in one, and you cannot be turned down for a job if you don’t belong to one. The laws have changed greatly since you retired, my friend. “At will” also means that your company can just fire you, for no reason at all, with no notice at all, and no compensation at all–and given the current exploitative mindset, it’s happening a lot of people. The companies then have the nerve to try to fight unemployment. The American workplace has become a vicious, vicious place. If anything, now is the time for all labor to stand together in solidarity.

    You know I adore you.

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