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Leave Libya to the U.N.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has explained clearly that establishing a no-fly zone over Libya means bombing Libyan air defenses. Enforcing a no-fly zone could also mean bombing airfields and/or shooting down Libyan aircraft.

That’s war, folks. Bombing another country is tantamount to declaring war. The US doesn’t need and cannot afford another war. Remember Afghanistan? We went in there to get bin Laden and his followers. That was in 2002. Bin Laden is gone but we’re still there. And Iraq. We went in there just to take out Saddam Hussein. That was in 2003. Hussein was caught that year and executed in 2006, but we’re still there.

Enough of trying to fix the rest of the world. A revolution or a civil war in Libya is Libya’s problem. We have more than enough problems to deal with right here at home.


  1. From your keyboard to the U.S. government’s position documents – although if I were king it would be “Leave Libya to the Libyans.”

    The new Pied Type theme makes me feel warmer than the thermometer says I should. I like it.

    • Actually, the first head I wrote was “Leave Libya to Libya.” Great minds think alike. But some of them tend to change a lot.

      Glad you like the new theme.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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