A surprisingly logical Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court today upheld an Arizona state law that would penalize businesses hiring illegal immigrants. The case was Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting.

Frankly, I’m really surprised. There’s been so much talk about Arizona’s immigration-related laws (particularly SB 1070) being unconstitutional because immigration enforcement is the federal government’s responsibility, not the states’. Today’s ruling certainly seems to uphold a state law that does get into one important aspect of immigration enforcement. It gives me hope that this law, along with SB 1070 and similar laws around the country, will be upheld. It defies logic for the federal government to keep states from passing and enforcing laws that it has been unable (apparently) to enforce by itself. It defies logic to tell the states they can’t protect themselves by controlling illegal activities within their own borders.

Categories: Arizona, Arizona SB 1070, Constitution, immigration, Law, Supreme Court


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