This is no excuse for being here illegally

7 thoughts on “This is no excuse for being here illegally”

  1. Without an unconstitutional welfare state and an unconstitutional Drug War, I wonder how much of a problem we’d be having with illegal aliens?

    1. It does look a bit daunting, doesn’t it? I hope it doesn’t discourage anyone, because I have no control over it. Personally, I’m a K.I.S.S. advocate.

    1. Canada is within driving distance, but awfully cold in the winter. Australia is supposed to be great, but I don’t think I could endure a flight that long. Scandinavia is both cold in winter and quite a long trip. Guess I’ll just have to stay here and hope some lonely billionaire comes along …

  2. But what about people whose parents brought them here illegally when they were little children and these people now want to make something of their lives? Should they be kicked out and forced back to a country they may have left before they could even walk?

    1. I don’t know, what about them? I’m just saying, don’t tell me you “just want a better life” and expect me to be sympathetic. I want a better life too, but I wouldn’t expect people to excuse my breaking the law to get it. “But officer, I only robbed the bank to get a better life for my family.” In fact, if I were here illegally, I’d be in hiding, not marching down the street flaunting my illegal status, perhaps waving a foreign flag, and demanding rights I’m not entitled to.

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