Note to self: don’t miss another debate

6 thoughts on “Note to self: don’t miss another debate”

  1. I honestly didn’t know about the debate until yesterday’s evening news, but didn’t find it on any of the usual (for me) channels when I looked. Apparently, it was on the only news channel I no longer check! 😳

  2. Since I’ve fallen in love with biased commentary, Fox and MSNBC are background noise in my house. I recorded it (from Fox) and have since watched it. The post debate Fox commentators are beside themselves trying to find Romney supporters… MSNBC is highlighting anything they can edit into a crazy appearing sound bite. The theater should delight Ms Pied.

    1. Normally my background noise is CNN, but with the political stuff starting to heat up, I’ve begun switching around among the three of them. When one gets too intolerably stupid, I go to the next one.

  3. I missed it also and just like Mak, had no clue it was on, which is strange since CNN is background noise for me as well. Is this the same debate that someone asked Bachmann if she was a submissive wife? HA!

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