The power of pictures

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  1. Perry will definitely shake up the polls, but he’s entering into a race in which the Tea Party already has some less-than-flattering names for him.

    “Slick Rick” and “Gardisil Rick,” the first being more of his ability to fit whatever situation in which he wants to find himself and the second being his use of state power to force school-aged girls to get the new HPV vaccine (forced vaccinations are commonly unpopular in Tea Party circles), are just two off the top of my head.

    The general Republican Party may like him, but I guarantee that, in the long run, he will face some staunch opposition from the Tea Party just as Romney has. (As a side note, the recent news about Romney’s campaign financing could hurt him significantly enough to fall without the aid of Governor Perry).

    1. The more I learn about him, the less I like him. It will be interesting to see which candidate the GOP finally unites around — assuming that’s even possible.

  2. “megachurch evangelist” sums it up pretty well for me. Hell, in that pose, I can easily imagine him yelling “Heal this man!” as he slaps some poor sucker on the forehead!

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