Open mouth, insert foot, choke

There he was today, Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, addressing a crowd at the Iowa State Fair.

I wasn’t paying much attention until he said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” What!!!??? Then he tried to explain it by saying “everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people.” The crowd wasn’t buying it and neither was I.

I can’t think of anything worse he could have said. “Corporations are people” is what the Supreme Court concluded in its worst-in-recent-memory decision, Citizens United. Corporations are people and therefore can donate to and participate in political campaigns and advertising like people. Bullshit. But the court said it, they ruled it, and with it they sold the American electoral system to the corporations.

Romney said, “Corporations are people.” And like that, he erased concerns about his being a Mormon. He erased his connection to the Massachusetts health care system. He erased any thought that he, a businessman, might be just what the country needs right now. He erased everything and replaced it with “Corporations are people.” Like it or not, that’s his identity now.

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  1. Mitt has absolutely no chance in this and I really think after this debacle he should just bow out.

  2. I love American politics. I think it was the same Supreme Court ruling that allowed Stephen Colbert to create Colbert SuperPAC, so he can raise unlimited funds and hand them out to whomever he wants without telling anyone. Awesome.

    The only Supreme Court decision I can think of that screwed the United States more than the one that allowed patents on living organisms (soy beans), was the 1866 decision in ‘Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad’.

    Up here corporations are still corporations, everyone has the same limits to election donations (less than a grand), and corporations are banned from the election process. People only.

    Rick Parry for President.

  3. I hope you’re right about him being finished, but the lame stream media may still be pushing him as the best thing for Obama to oppose. Not that it matters much, but HERE’S who the online community thinks won the debate.

  4. That’s one of the most sinister soundbites I have ever heard. Very Newspeak: it read’s like one of George Orwell’s slogans in 1984… shudder….


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