Can we move on now?

3 thoughts on “Can we move on now?”

  1. I have been watching the Biography Channel and the History Channel. From one program, I learned all about the Borgias. From another, all about Pompeii. The only celebrities I’ve seen on my TV today were William Shatner interviewing Jon Voigt on “Shatner’s Raw Nerve.”
    Good for you. I learn more interesting stuff on those channels. I’m always amazed at how interesting history is now — compared to how dreary it was in school.

    I just did a quick survey and found the Jackson thing on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. Ugh.

    Time for some Warhammer. I’ve been racking up the reknown points this week.🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. It kind of makes you wonder what it’s all about? Certainly there is actual news out there – like the passage of the bagillion page cap and spend bill that passed through Congress with barely a whimper. Oh well, clearly the American public is more interested in what a pop singer did than significant changes that are being made to our country for years to come.
    It’s depressing to see how the media and the public prioritize things. Contrary to popular opinion, the world didn’t stop the day Michael Jackson died.

  3. We all agree that M. Jackson was a great entertainer and a tragic character. Can we move on now?
    Judging from the cable news channels, we’re not moving on just yet. 🙁

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