What have GOP govs been drinking?

3 thoughts on “What have GOP govs been drinking?”

  1. I think they just might be drinking of the bitterness of the McCain campaign’s absurdly miscalculated and profoundly cynical choice of the Alaskan Babe as a running mate. Talk about your friendly fire!
    I thought they were through with the circular firing squad, but apparently not.

  2. I don’t even know what to think about this one. Maybe she is just tired of being a target? Although resigning won’t change that, probably. What I don’t get is why so many people hate her so much – she’s no worse than any other politician – and in some cases a bit better. Methinks there must be some fear connected with this, otherwise why such things as donkey jokes? Seems pretty low to me.
    I think she has demonstrated repeatedly that she is totally unprepared and unqualified for national politics. I also think there is plenty of evidence that she’s not the national player she thinks she is. No amount of studying the issues is going to remedy her deficits and lack of sophistication. McCain’s plucking her from obscurity was a desperation move; it was not the bestowal of a national crown of political authenticity. She needs to recognize that.

    I wouldn’t say I hate her. I just have no respect for her.

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