Does the governor know cursive?

In January in a post titled “Cursive on its way out?” I wrote, “I cringe to think to think of a supposedly ‘educated’ person printing his signature to endorse a check or sign a legal document.” So you can imagine what went through my mind when, while looking for information on Gov. Rick Perry yesterday, I noticed his signature on Wikipedia:Rick Perry signature

Weird. Definitely not the typical illegible executive signature/scrawl born of haste and repetition. He’s going to have to work on that if he wants to be president.

Then earlier today, someone landed on this blog because he/she had run a search on “rick perry cannot write in cursive.” That did it; I started looking around.

Apparently fans and the press can’t pressure him into a scrawl (click to enlarge):

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When a Fox News reporter asked him to confirm he was going to announce his candidacy, he signed the printout of the story:

On eBay, someone paid $84.99 for an autographed copy of his book:

He didn’t scrawl even on an official document on the official website of the Texas Department of Family and Public Services:

Click to enlarge

If he’s going to print, he ought to at least do it correctly and not put two capital Rs in Perry.

Someone please tell me the man knows cursive.


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