Countin’ cattle

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  1. If you think 14% is a low opinion of congress, wait till you hear my view of voters. I recommend drugs to get you through the next 8 years. When I heard that Rick Perry might become a candidate, I bet several unbelievers that they were looking at their next president. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

  2. I doubt if I could’ve picked this clown out of a line-up two months ago, and yet that short time has allowed me to develop a serious dislike for the man. As far as personalities go, I actually think dubya was a gem compared to this guy. And despite the similarities, there apparently is no love lost between the two from what I’ve heard.

    BTW, I went over to Panos’ The gigya shortcode 1 – inserting videos post and got his help with embedding the videos from CNN.

  3. Wow, great minds think alike. Until I read this post I haven’t seen anyone make this observation about Perry besides me. It is eerie, they really sound alike and especially when Perry is talking he does start to look like W. Very weird. I don’t like him either but I think we have different reasons for the dislike.

    1. Back when Bush was governor and Perry was his lieutenant governor, Texans must have thought they were seeing and hearing double. If I’m around the corner and Perry starts talking on TV, I usually think I’m hearing Bush. Both are so quintessentially … Texan. Maybe to Texans they don’t seem that much alike. Maybe it’s just us non-Texans doing too much stereotyping. But still, as you say, it’s weird, creepy weird.

      As for why I don’t like him … the resemblance to Bush was just for starters. There’s all that other stuff about his record in Texas, the things he does vs. the things he says — everything you wrote about and a whole lot more. And the more I learn about him, the worse it gets.

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