Thoughts on a power outage

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on a power outage”

  1. I had a short outage this morning myself. Thankfully, it was nothing like the 4 hour one last week, or the 3 hour one the week before. And speaking of low security targets, I got 4 separate automated messages from AEP explaining how the longest one was due to an “outlet fault” at a low level substation I used to drive by every day. Wow.

      1. Our infrastructure is falling apart, but they’d rather spend tax dollars on glitzy “photo op” projects and secret “anti-terror” networks!

  2. Older farts – like me – can remember buying War Bonds during WWII. In a voluntarily effort, the population was able to donate to something they felt was worth paying for. I’d like to see something like that take the price of arbitrary taxation. I’d gladly donate (like Infrastructure Bonds) at the STATE level, but I can think of almost nothing I’d volunteer to fund at the federal level.

    What are the chances of that? I know. Zero.

    1. Whatever it takes to get money spent to put people to work replacing or repairing water lines, building and repairing bridges, rail lines, highways, electrical grids, etc. People need jobs and these things need doing before catastrophic failures start killing people. There’s more than enough bloat in the federal government to pay for this.
      Didn’t we agree once that all those federal dollars are really ours anyway? It’s about time some of them came home to roost.

  3. All of this reminds me of what my ex (a nuclear engineer and former nuclear submariner) once said about terrorist attacks. “Forget attacks on the heavily reinforced and guarded power plants. That plant is built to take a direct hit with a 747. Just go a few miles down the road and take out the unguarded transmission lines. You’ve cut power to most of NY state.”

    Boy did he get that right! While we are frisking babies and grannies, the bad guys are plotting the next big thing. When will we learn?

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