Perhaps airline passengers are too compliant

2 thoughts on “Perhaps airline passengers are too compliant”

  1. I could not agree more with you on this one, Pied. I heard about this on the radio last night and can confirm that all the toilets were full and were closed before the ordeal ended. They were told they simply had to “hold it”. I would love to see Jet Blue or any other airline try to take a passenger to court for popping a chute in that circumstance. Or would it be Uncle Sam prosecuting?

    I hope some lawyer will clear this up for us. Good post.

    1. I suspect the airline’s response would be something along the lines of having a duty to “protect” the passengers. But surely there are also laws on the books about holding people against their will. Knowing how our government operates these days, it would probably be the TSA adding insult to injury and prosecuting the passengers for seizing control of the plane or some such.

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