‘Birth tourism’ perverting the system

2 thoughts on “‘Birth tourism’ perverting the system”

  1. The scope of this surely can’t be too great because the parents need to be pretty wealthy to afford it, do they not?

    Nevertheless, birth tourism does seem like a clear perversion of the law. Sounds like there needs to be a public debate, followed by fixing this as needed along with the entire mess that constitutes our current immigration policies.

    America needs fruit pickers and care givers more than pampered children of rich people who make their living at the capital-gains tax rate, IMHO.

    1. The report mentioned $30,000 at some point. I don’t recall if that was some kind of average or the price of one of the “tour package/citizenships” being sold. That’s what it amounts to: citizenship for sale. And there are vendors and facilitators at both ends of the line making money off these “tourists.”

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