End of the road, Rick

3 thoughts on “End of the road, Rick”

  1. I don’t know if you get MSNBC, Pied, but Rachel Maddow had a lot of fun with this on her show last night. It was indeed a bizarre performance by Perry. Whatever the antonym for “gravitas” is, that’s what it was.

    I figure it was the result of one of two things.

    1. Some advisor pointed out to Perry that Herman Cain was beating him by being humorous and candid and this was Perry’s attempt to go the same route.
    2. Perry was either drunk or affected by medication that had the same effect.

    1. I missed Maddow’s take, but I have the utmost respect for her. I’ll look for that on YouTube. Time Magazine mentioned that Perry had had back surgery earlier this year and some people thought he might still be on heavy medication for that. My first thought was Valium and maybe a few drinks, deliberately trying to loosen up a little (and overdoing it) because his debate appearances had been so halting. I’m thinking now he’d better spread the story that he was having an adverse reaction to something, because the idea that he was sober and acting that way intentionally isn’t very appealing either.

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