Super committee, super failure

7 thoughts on “Super committee, super failure”

  1. I could not agree with you more here Pied. I think they should be sequestered, and forced to give up some of the “comforts of office” while they’re locked in there too. You know, the jury thing reminds me of those who thought these “elected” positions should be filled by draft lottery instead. Could a true “citizen congress” selected at random be much worse than the ones who got there through this terribly broken system we’re using now?

    1. Originally they were supposed to be a citizen congress, serving briefly before returning to their communities, weren’t they? The founders never imagined lifetime professional politicians. And certainly not politicians more beholden to lobbyists and corporations than to their constituents. I’ve thought for a very long time that we need term limits on these bozos.

      1. Strange how they impose term limits on the president, who apparently has no real power at all, but not on themselves, the ones who keep screwing things up year after year after year…

  2. It was of course doomed from the beginning. I can’t resist saying, immodestly, that I firmly predicted the failure. What kind of a solution was it – pick 6 of the more extreme ideologues from each party, including 6 Republicans who are publicly proud of signing the Norquist pledge, and expect them to compromise? What a joke! And the 6 Democrats were just as firm never to reduce entitlements. Even video games aren’t that silly.

    1. Definitely a joke. They should have been in clown costumes to begin with. Heck, issue clown suits to everyone in Congress. That way they’ll be properly dressed for Mak’s role playing games.

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