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‘Optimizing’ Pied Type

Help me improve your Pied Type visit. With my current theme (The Morning After), there is a lot of information on the home/front page that you won’t see if you arrive here via a link to a specific post. I’m curious whether visitors arrive on and look only at posts, or arrive on the home page and then navigate to a post or posts, or routinely check both the home page and posts. So far I’ve been positioning information according to my best guess. This is your chance to voice your complaints and/or suggestions.

I’d appreciate your input via the poll, or a comment, or both. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “‘Optimizing’ Pied Type

  1. You know Type, I’m clicking around on your site and I have to tell you I love what you are doing here! It’s easy to understand, easy on the eyes, efficient. I love this theme for your blog!

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