Perpetual war, perpetual power

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  1. I completely agree with you, PT, on Fareed Zakaria, with his take on the DHS, and with his conclusion about America’s gross over-reaction to 9/11. He often writes columns for Time Magazine and I have yet to see anything but the highest quality of insight, research and reasoning from him. Rana Foroohar is not far behind him either. I don’t know where these people with the funny names came from, but as with our funny-named president, I’m glad they’re here.

    You and some readers know how I have often railed over the creation of DHS, that strange and unnecessary bureaucratic layer as well as its sibling, the Directorate of National Intelligence (another oxymoron). I find it ironic that the party of smaller and less-intrusive government concentrates on lessening business and financial regulation while steadfastly ignoring the creation of these monstrous and unjustified bureaucratic intrusions into privacy and freedom. I have heard not one word from any candidate about diminishing them. Mr. Romney is heavy on generalities and almost non-existent on specifics.

    1. We’re in total agreement on the absurdity of DHS and everything that has issued from it. And yes, it was the GOP’s bulldog determination to butt into my private life that drove me out of the “party of small government.” It’s amazing how they keep finding more ways to intrude. Personally, I think the party is digging its own grave in American politics … but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  2. He is one of my favorites, too. It was one of his shows that showed the two types of insurance in other countries: Switzerland and Thailand.

    Our paranoia is going to destroy us. So… 30,000 employed just to listen in on phone conversations? I’d say that “Big Brother” most definitely has arrived. I’m sure they monitor, or at least check my site from time to time since I’m so outspoken. Who knows…..

    And to deny so many Visa’s… think of the billions of dollars we turn away at our borders. (sigh)

    1. Ah, the extreme irony of turning away all those tourists, business travelers, and legal immigrants while allowing thousands of illegals to cross our southern border virtually unchallenged …

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