The eyes have it

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  1. It can also be caused by ‘dry eye syndrome’ where because the eye does not produce the sticky liquid to keep the eyes lubricated, they over produce tears, so the eyes are always leaking.

  2. Watery eyes are different than what I think of as “rheumy”. There’s an odd color to them and the iris isn’t as defined as it is in younger people. Maybe I’m thinking of glaucoma but it’s oddly disconcerting since it’s hard to tell where the person is looking. I’m sure you look fine.

    1. Dried rheum is what you sometimes find in the corners of your eyes in the morning. It’s the natural watery mucus the eyes, nose, and mouth produce. (See Wikipedia)

      The less distinct iris you describe sounds like cataracts, which would cause the iris to look cloudy or, in severe cases, be completely obscured.

  3. My husband has rheumy eyes, without glaucoma, the glaucoma surgery, OR the dry eye situation. His ophthalmologist says his eyes are fine.

  4. Interesting to read. I didn’t think I knew what you meant at the beginning but on full reading realised yes I did. It is really unfortunate for you of course but as you say better than the alternative. I love eyes. The window to the soul ~ a phrase I believe in deeply and that does not matter is ‘rheumy’ or not as I think it is the ‘projection’ that I feel on meeting a gaze 🙂

    1. I wish I’d done something different with the title. I was playing on “The ayes have it,” an expression we hear when a vote is taken. Totally unrelated. That became “eyes,” then “old eyes.” And even that’s incorrect. Anyone can have rheumy eyes.

      Eyes are indeed the windows of the soul, whether we’re peering out or others are peering in.

  5. Bill Leavy (NFL referee) and Paul Molitor (MLB manager and former player). Both are perfect examples of what I think when I hear “rheumy eyes.”

    And to me, they look like veritable twins. And I find their appearance to be creepy. I don’t know why, but I do.

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