When the deep purple falls …

13 thoughts on “When the deep purple falls …”

  1. Our high school band director used the Deep Purple song to show off the saxophone section. It was indeed beautiful to hear the reeds play it in harmony. Thanks for the beautiful photo that brought back that memory.

    1. I hadn’t heard or thought of the song for decades, but this scene immediately brought the lyrics to mind. Mother Nature was redeeming herself at the end of a smoggy, overcast day.

    1. We do have more colorful sunsets when there are clouds and storms, but there’s even more color when there’s a lot of particulate matter in the air. Fires around the state have kept a lot of smoke in the air this summer. And it’s possible the low light conditions affect what this camera sees. Oh, plus the air is thinner here (I estimate this camera is at about 8,000 ft.) and very dry, and that does funny things with light and color.

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