Pastor Worley has plan to get rid of ‘lesbians and queers’

27 thoughts on “Pastor Worley has plan to get rid of ‘lesbians and queers’”

      1. If I wasn’t a pacifist by nature, I’d suggest that more of a “surgical response” was called for. That, and my fear of being “surgically dragged off to jail” by “those who watch what we write”… 😉

      2. Understood. I’m very much a “live and let live” type myself, which is pretty much the same thing. I just get really crotchety sometimes …

  1. I watched a little of Anderson Cooper’s report on this last night, and was just amazed by how Worley’s “flock” defended him. When asked if he didn’t think Worley’s plan to lock all Gays and Lesbians behind an electrified fence was at least rude, if not downright cruel, one of them had the nerve to say something like, “Well, he was gonna to feed ‘em!” 😯

    1. I caught parts of that report and it was disturbing to see. Or maybe I’m just more intolerant than I want to admit. I can think of no excuse for the pastor himself; I’m willing to let the parishioners off with “misplaced loyalty,” “uneducated,” and “brainwashed.”

      1. I don’t know PT, that sounds a little too much like the old “he was just following orders” thing to me. The “misplaced loyalty,” “uneducated,” and “brainwashed” excuses are all fine and dandy – until one of them is caught dragging the dead body of a “sinner” behind his pickup truck!

      2. I guess I just didn’t want to break down and say, “They’re all a bunch of ignorant, hateful SOBs.” It seems like some allowance should be made for their being (or at least seeming) relatively uneducated … but the more I pursue that line, the more I come off sounding like an arrogant, “education snob.” It takes all kinds, the saying goes. Maybe so.

        I guess it goes back to what I said above. Live and let live. Believe anything you want, as long as you don’t try to impose it on anyone else. Let’s just build that electric fence around people who can’t seem to keep their hateful ideas to themselves. Oh, wait, that would mean I’m imposing my thinking on them …

      3. Don’t worry PT. When they ask, I’ll “excuse” your statement by saying “Well it’s not like she’s out warming up the ovens!” 🙄

  2. The guy is a freak. And I heard on the news something about he may lose his 501(c)3 non-profit status as it is required that churches do not voice any support, or the opposite of, towards any political candidate of person in office.

    1. Yep, yep. Got my fingers crossed on that one. So many churches routinely violate this law, but this one would be a particularly fine place to start cracking down.

  3. Coming late to the party, I know, but the Pastor Charles Worley clip is just too provocative not to comment on. Unfortunately, PT, if it’s something in the water it’s not confined to North Carolina.

    That this particular style of preaching finds a receptive audience has always surprised me. Personally, as a grown man I am repulsed and offended to be yelled at and condescended to, whether it be from a pulpit or otherwise. Yet we here in Joplin have a large non-denominational church that fosters just that style – they are on a local TV station every week – and they appear to be financially successful. Maybe some people find it comforting to think that their leaders are the repository of certitude, that there are cultural absolute truths, and that their tribe is the one in possession. It’s a cop-out for personal responsibility of course. Thinking can be hard work.

    How, one wonders, did the Golden Rule, Jesus’ principal mandate, get lost in Worley’s message? There can only be one answer: he thinks homosexuals are not human. Like Bugs says, what a moron.

    1. Unfortunately there are preachers like this all over the country lining their pockets at the expense of their willing, gullible followers. I always tend to attribute it to lack of education, but it’s more complex than that. It’s some sort of cultural thing, something people grow up with and just never stop to question. I don’t think I’m necessarily any smarter than anyone else, but I also don’t think others are necessarily any smarter than I am. I especially don’t trust those who hold themselves out to be more knowledgeable than, say, a church full of parishioners. Church leaders can exert power only as long as their followers remain willfully ignorant and subservient. Think for yourself, people; that’s what brains are for!

      Worley himself is hopeless. He didn’t even pass basic biology if he thinks confining all of today’s homosexuals will ensure no more are born. I hope the IRS shuts him down.

      1. Now, now, PT. I simply have to come to poor Worley’s defense because he’s not quite as stupid as you think. He said he would have one fence for the lesbians and another separate one for the male homo’s. OMG, though, what about the trans-genders?? Nothing is simple, is it? 😆 😆

      2. I was so tempted to joke earlier about how Worley must think that new homosexuals are born from a vast conspiracy of Gays and Lesbians who voluntarily pair up to “make one for the team.” Taking that twisted reasoning to its logical conclusion, his attempt to get rid of them, by forcing them to live together when they might now have originally, would actually result in a homosexual population explosion.

        Unfortunately, the separate enclosures thing kinda spoiled the joke. Perhaps that “Vast Gay And Lesbian World Domination Conspiracy” should consider setting up a bunch of Transgendered “sleeper agents” just in case, to ensure every camp has the necessary genetic material to keep their domination campaign going!!! 😆 😆 😆

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