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  1. Okay, after that exhaustive (and exhausting) analysis, I’m still left with the same question I’ve had all along: With men (or boys) in the house, shouldn’t a woman be happy to find the seat in the “up” position? Having lived with other males, I tell ya I was always suspicious when I found the seat down! 😉

    • Personally, I was never bothered by finding the toilet seat up except during the night! That point was addressed late in the analysis. If I find the toilet seat up during the night (and particularly if I discover it the hard way), somebody is going to pay! The analysis considers that men sometimes use the seat in the down position, so I would not be particularly surprised to find it that way.

      • Although the aging process has definitely shown me that things can and do change, I (thankfully) haven’t found the seat up “the hard way” as of yet! 🙄

  2. I recently read an AARP article about futurists’ predictions and one of them was that toilet paper will disappear. Instead, everyone will use a bidet. If this is right, this dilemma is going to disappear. On the other seat, however, futurists are almost always wrong. 🙄

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