Canada, anyone?

18 thoughts on “Canada, anyone?”

    1. LOL. Sorry, I didn’t see Columbus on there. Absolutely I’ll pick you up. You’re a bit out of my way, since I plan to head for the Canadian Rockies, but some good company would make it a lot more fun. Split the gas and share the driving and you’re in. Sposed to be even prettier up there than here. And no fires!

    1. Yeah, I remember. But I’m thinking I be happier in a cabin around Lake Louis someplace. Soft, clean beds, dry floors, and a restaurant nearby. Oh, and must have Internet access. But you’re welcome to ride with us as far as we go.

      1. My trip to Canada was contemplated just to avoid all the insane campaigning — the ads, the robocalls, the surveys, etc. I don’t think they will change a thing, but I’m tired of the hassle that is adding absolutely nothing worthwhile. I really don’t want to watch who can spend the most money to buy the most ads to buy the most votes to buy the presidency.

    1. An excellent point ImA, but then ignoring it was a lot easier in those days, when you actually had to go out of your way just to hear a political speech!

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