Of course McDonald’s uses food stylist

You already knew all this, right? This sort of thing goes on with every food ad you see. In fact, we should probably give McDonald’s some credit for using all real food in this case. It’s not uncommon to substitute non-food substances that will photograph better than real food.

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  1. This reminds me of one of my favorite meals at Babe’s, our local burger house. It’s a BLT with lots of bacon and Miracle whip on white bread, grilled with butter. I only permit myself about one of these a month – absolutely and very sinfully delicious. If you took a picture of an actual Babe’s BLT it would look like it had been run over by a truck, but the McDonald’s guys could likely do a nice fluffy job of it. Wouldn’t matter to me in the least – the taste lingers in my head like an addict’s last fix. 😆

    • I’m drooling! Hard to beat a great BLT. I’ve loved them since I was big enough to gum my first sandwich and have greasy mayo and tomato juice running down my forearms. You have to smash the good ones to flatten all that lettuce and crunch all that bacon down to a manageable thickness. Mmmm

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