Investigators find origin of Waldo Canyon Fire

Investigators have determined the Waldo Canyon Fire that roared into Colorado Springs suburbs last week was not caused by a lightning strike; there was no lightning in the area at the time. They have, however, pinpointed the place where the fire started — near a popular hiking trail — and are now combing the area for clues as to how the fire started. An interesting article in today’s Denver Post explains how investigators find a wildfire’s starting point, up to and including getting down “on their hands and knees, reading the baked-in tilt of the grass blades, something known as ‘foliage freeze,'” and finding items as small as a match on a mountainside. Then, with good detective work and a lot of luck, they may be able to track down the person or persons responsible.

6 thoughts on “Investigators find origin of Waldo Canyon Fire

    1. We’ve all seen arson investigations on cop shows, but I’d never read anything about what goes on in wildfire investigations. I’ll be very interested to see if this one turns out to be arson or an accident, or if they ever figure it out.

        1. Oh yes, man for sure. And carelessness like that just makes me crazy. Two deaths and almost 350 homes. Arson of accident, if they ever figure out who’s responsible, there will be hell to pay.

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