Huntsman criticizes GOP on Colbert Report

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  1. He is the one I wanted to win the RNP candidacy. I cannot recall what he said, nor to whom, but during one of the debates, he put another candidate in their place. If I recall, they were talking about China, and Huntsman made some comment, as he was the Ambassador. Another idgit said something about “… I’ve been busy growing the Republican Party…” The may have said something about stopping the Democrats. Sheesh… Alzheimer’s has set in for me. Anyway – on that retort alone he won my support (not my vote, but my support).

    1. He’s talking about the Republicans I used to like. I used to be one of them, before Bush came along. He’s talking like a reasonable man who sees things as they are and doesn’t hesitate to say what needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, that seems to make him one of an increasingly rare breed.

  2. I too liked Huntsman, perhaps because of his moderation and government experience, but there’s more to it than that. Huntsman is a Mormon like Romney, but that doesn’t give me pause and so I’m forced to rethink my position on it. It’s not the religion, strange as it is, but Romney’s mannerisms and the projection of his personality that are sinister to me. That strange little smile, the way he cocks his head when making a pronouncement, his proffer of a $10,000 bet during a primary debate, the various gaffes indicating how different from ours is world he inhabits. Huntsman is a multi-talented guy from the real world; Romney is probably from Kolob.

    1. That odd little smile and cocked head thing absolutely creep me out. And sometimes he looks like he’s about to cry. Appearances shouldn’t matter (especially when there’s so much more that does matter), but there’s no way I can trust someone that I don’t even like. It’s worse than “don’t like”; it’s “actively dislike.”

      Thanks for the Kolob link. I had absolutely no idea what it is or was (or isn’t).

  3. We lived in Utah while Huntsman served as governor. He was extremely popular–a good problem solver–although some of his associates went too far right without enough analysis. Huntsman earned respect from political opponents as well as supporters. Think the Republicans picked the wrong Mormon!

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