Dems off and running in Charlotte

11 thoughts on “Dems off and running in Charlotte”

  1. I loved it. I thought it was very inspiring. I did enjoy Michelle’s speech, although it did get a bit long. I kept waiting for her to wrap it up. But the one thing I noticed between her speech and Ann Romney’s is that Michelle’s spoke with us, we’re all together in this. Ann spoke at us. Perhaps it’s her “you people” that still has me biased. But I just did not feel the sincerity and unity with our country with Ann’s speech.

    1. I didn’t watch Ann’s speech so I really can’t compare the two. And I wasn’t really listening to Michelle, although I had the TV on. I’ve no doubt the differences were attributable the the Obamas always thinking “us” and the Romneys thinking “us and them” or “us and you people.”

      1. I didn’t watch all of Ann’s speech. I couldn’t watch all of anything with that convention. Everyone was being so hateful, and the lies! OMG! I don’t care for Ann at all, so I’m liable to criticize her more so than others. But there was a difference in their delivery. Michelle could identify with the audience. Ann could not.

  2. I flashed back and forth between the DNC and a couple of movies. At one point some dude got up there and mentioned God. I counted 7 times. Is that enough? My daughter asked me about it, and I told her, yeah, the Republicans mentioned God 10 times in the RNC, so I’m sure the Democrats will mention God at least 11 times, just to be sure. That’s the nice thing about going second. You can make sure you cover the important things like saying the right words the right number of times.

    I noticed no one said anything about Romney being an asshat lying fucktard. It was nice of them to leave that out. I thought they were very polite. I watched a little bit of Michelle talking about her husband. I kept waiting to find out if Barack used to do his own laundry, but if it came up I missed it. I suspect Michelle did it, but I’m not sure. If so, I’d like to point this out to my wife. She’ll do the kid’s laundry, but she refuses to do mine. The other thing I wondered is, who does the checkbook? Do they do it together? Do they keep separate accounts? The world would like to know.

    1. Oh come on, we know he took her on dates in a car that was so rusted out she could see the pavement through a hole on her side. What more do you need to know? I mean, I could really identify with that. My first car was just like that, only the hole was on the driver’s side. That right there secured my vote!

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