I am the 47%

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  1. Regretfully, PT, I will have to pass because I don’t qualify – I’m one of the 53% at the 25% marginal rate, the main factor being that we paid off our mortgage before retirement by scrimping and brown-bagging it. But, know that we are with you in spirit!

    1. Yes, my mortgage is the most significant factor in my not paying any income tax right now. Not that my net income (with no money stashed offshore), would generate much in income tax for the government. Meantime, I still pay all those other taxes that virtually everyone pays — excise, property, sales, etc. I figure I qualify, however, because I do not pay income tax and I am on Social Security and Medicare, both government “entitlement” programs (even though I worked all my life paying into them and earning my benefits). I was also on unemployment once for about six months, so I figure that qualifies me too.

  2. Since I retired long before the government declared that I was “entitled” to other peoples money, I guess I ought to feel cheated.

    On the other hand, since I’ve received much more than I was forced to send to the Social Security System, I should feel like a cheater — except that the government eventually did declare that I was entitled to other peoples money. As long as they keep printing it (until other nations realize it has no value) – we can all be members of the 47 percent.

    What a country!

    1. Well, I suppose you could send it back if it really offends you. Or give it to charity, or to some panhandler on the street. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      I do wonder if Romney, when he turns 65, will accept/take his Social Security and Medicare benefits and join the 47% he disparaged.

  3. Oh no… as long as they’re stupid enough to do it, I have no shame when it comes to voluntarily accepting other people’s money. And I know I’m part of the problem because I didn’t want to go to prison or die earlier than necessary… I was too cowardly to resist paying into FICA. I admit to being a cowardly hypocrite.

    Since Romney’s brave (rich) enough to have refused payment for all his governmental and charity salaries as well as payroll deducted FICA and IRS, I imagine he’s also rich enough to escape being a cowardly hypocrite. I still won’t vote for him though.

    1. Those other people aren’t stupid. They (and I) are as cowardly as you are and also don’t want to go to prison or die before age 65. Now, having paid into the system all my life and fulfilled my part of the bargain, I want to live at least long enough to recoup my investment.

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