White stuff debuts in Denver

Morning sun breaks through the clouds to highlight last night’s bounty — several inches of beautiful, white, wet snow. The forecast is for 4-6 inches more tonight. After a desperately dry summer and an ongoing fire season that Coloradans will never forget, snow on the plains is a welcome sight.

This will be a big assist to the firefighters still battling the Fern Lake Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park. Formerly about 700 acres with 30% containment, the fire broke out to the west this week and now stands at 1,030 acres with only 17% containment. With the steep, heavily wooded terrain virtually inaccessible to ground personnel (note map contours), the intention is just to contain the fire until winter snows finally extinguish it.

(Photo is a screenshot from a webcam in Louisville, Colo., midway between Denver and Boulder.)

7 thoughts on “White stuff debuts in Denver

  1. Here in Joplin Missouri it was 70 degrees and breezy when we went to the gym this morning. Forty minutes later when we came out it was 52 degrees and dropping, with rain. Ouch. But glad to hear about your silver lining out there!

    1. 90s, still? Yuck. I am so over 90s and even 80s for the year.

      Judging from the webcams around Estes, I’d say the fire got powdered lightly last night. And its snowing again now. Would be nice if the wind would just drive it all into deep drifts around the fire.

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