Smilies in 1881: Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Smilies in 1881: Who knew?”

  1. PS – Which reminds me of some who habitually capitalize many words in their writing. Unlike the sparring use of emoticons, which I think adds needed nuance, numerous capitalization comes across to me as shouting and has the same effect. It is significant, I think, that those who practice this also often neglect their spell checker. I CAN HARDLY STAND IT! 😆

    1. It’s hard to imagine anyone on the Internet doesn’t know by now that all caps ARE SHOUTING and no one appreciates it. I can only assume those who insist on the convention are seeking attention, no matter how negative it might be.

      And yes, I think emoticons are a wonderful way to add nuance, clarification, or to make certain a remark isn’t misinterpreted.

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