Lincoln was ‘socially hypergamous’

15 thoughts on “Lincoln was ‘socially hypergamous’”

      1. Thanks, but I’m not up for a 90-minute video from an historical revisionist (purportedly).

        If you have a list of crimes Lincoln was convicted of, I’d be interested.

      2. And that of course is the real point, PT and IMA. There is a big difference between the technicalities of law and the moral judgement of history, the former being only a subset of the latter. Eh?

  1. Given Abe’s looks, given that he was said to have a gait like a workman’s and a high-pitched voice, I would say he didn’t have to look too hard to be successfully hypergamous. And given the pictures I’ve seen of Mary Lincoln, he didn’t – Sally Fields looks stunning in comparison. IMHO.

    However, I don’t share IMA’s obviously-Confederate opinion about Lincoln’s “crimes”. Signed any secession petitions lately there, IMA?

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