Thanksgiving Eve

Ya’ll be careful out there …

Across the nation, people are on the road or in the air, making their way to the homes of relatives and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.

And I’m here to attest that everyone who wasn’t traveling today was at my local supermarket. No doubt every person there will be hosting someone’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. With no plans to host anything tomorrow, I took one look at the cars parked all the way out to the street and beat a hasty retreat. I can live without black pepper on my food until Friday. And the overwhelming craving for pecan pie can wait, too. Neither was worth fighting that crowd for.

There will be no turkey in my life tomorrow. The kids have decided to make skiing on Thanksgiving a family tradition, and it makes a lot of sense to go then, while everyone else is chowing down somewhere else.

Our Thanksgiving celebration will be Friday. The DIL has made reservations for a holiday meal at the Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone, about a two hour drive from here. I’ve yet to meet a meal I’d drive two hours for, but we shall see. Evidently this place is famous for elegant meals featuring local game — elk, venison, duck, bison etc. I don’t know if that might include wild turkey this week, but it should be good, regardless.

The lodge itself was originally a Wells Fargo stagecoach stop, built in the 1880s. It became the state’s first ski lodge in the 1940s, and is now a bed and breakfast with restaurant. Love old frontier log cabin ambiance when there’s history involved.

Anyway, everybody have a safe and happy holiday, wherever you are.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. I hope your outing on Friday is as great as the setting you’re having it in. I’ll be trying my hand at making my very first sweet potato pies tomorrow. That’s the one food item that represents Thanksgiving most to me, and I’ve gone too damned long without it. Wish me luck and have a very Happy Thanksgiving PT! 😀

      1. I’m not really worried. It’s just my perfectionism making me anxious. And I have watched them being made many times, and was usually the one asked to “taste test” the batter before it went into the shells.

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