Apology to ‘Last Resort’ fans

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  1. We’ve been watching it too, PT. Mollie likes it much more than I – too much sex, but hey, they do have girls on boats now. OMG, do you suppose . . . ? 🙄

    I think Mollie identifies with the XO’s wife, not because I was an unfaithful submariner but because I was absent so much and because of a couple of close calls. The show obviously hired some real experts because the dialogue, the terminology, the technology and the sets are remarkably accurate.

    But now that cancellation is in the offing I guess I can tell you something. The CO and XO do have launch keys (and also the Weapons Officer has one), but there’s no way the three has either authority or capability to program the targeting. That’s controlled from ashore, and very tightly too. Otherwise you could have, uh, a scenario like Last Resort. 🙂

    1. Awww. But they did seem to sort of drop the original story line in favor of sex, violence, and rock n roll on the island. I wanted to see more sub action, ala Clancy or something. Now we’ll probably never find out who really bombed Pakistan, who’s trying to start a war, who the bad guys In DC really are, and if the crew ever gets home.

    2. I’m embarrassed to say that the whole restricted targeting issue just never occurred to me Jim. I guess, from the “retaliation of last resort” scenarios I’d seen in the movies, I’d always assumed that sub commanders had some latitude to change from the targets after war has started and the enemy had actually been identified…

  2. Oh, say it ain’t so PT! Though last week’s episode did have a little too much of the prime-time soap opera feel to it, I still love the show and had high hopes for where I imagined it might go. I’m so very sad to see it go! 😥

      1. It’s really ironic that, after getting my son to watch an episode with me, he actually went to the Last Resort website and watched all the other episodes. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen him get excited about one of my favorite shows. He’s never been much for TV. Of course, after watching him play that “America’s Army” game for hours and hours at a time, I kinda thought he might like it. He’s almost as disappointed as I am!

      2. My son followed his own wise rule: Don’t watch and get attached to a new show. If it survives to a second season, then he watches the first season.

      3. That’s the same one I came up with. It looks like DeForest Kelley had a leading role. Perhaps Leonard Nimoy’s role was less prominent, or he was just a guess in a single episode.

        Still, it’s interesting to see! 😀

      4. Yep, and taking it out doesn’t work.

        Bet those two look back on that first appearance with amazement. They had no idea what was to come.

      5. I enjoyed seeing that old Sea Hunt clip, PT. It brought back memories. Remarkable how acting ability seems to be dynastically present in genes – the Bridges family had it in spades!

      6. Indeed, although the sons were no doubt influenced by dad’s example, too. Growing up around the business and all. Still, all that talent is pretty remarkable.

      7. Love NCIS LA! And watched it tonight. Don’t remember hearing this (probably too busy reading these comments), but what a great old theme. I can sing the first verse and chorus from memory — but I’ll spare you.

      8. Not missing anything is exactly why I use the DVR for all my favorite shows. Hell, I didn’t finish watching it until about 10 minutes ago!

        Oh yeah, they used that theme behind Deeks’ first surfing scene! 😀

      9. Absolutely Jim. The extra $7/month on my cable bill is more than worth it. Of course there is the issue to consider of paying extra to avoid the commercials that pay for the programming I’m paying to watch! 🙄

      10. My son agrees with you. It’s not so much the $7 a month as it is the unconscionable amount I already pay them. And the fact that I’ll probably have to pull out the old box myself and take it down to the Comcast center where I’ll have to wait in line for the privilege of exchanging it for a new box. Used to be they’d come to your house for everything. More and more money for less and less service. Everywhere. I’m agin it, I tell ya! 😉

      11. I hear ya PT! I think about tossing the whole kit-n-kabootle very time my video freezes up at a critical point in a show – something even having a DVR won’t help. But then I imagine myself sitting here with no TV or Internet, and I just cringe. Hell, with the government forcing all the stations to go digital, I’d still end up paying just for the “privilege” of watching the meager offerings there! 😡

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