Snow-eating sun

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  1. Here in the Windy City we have ’bout four inches melting and about six more to show sometime tomorrow. Only the 100 pound puppy looking forward to it. I should have headed out to the Cactus League.

  2. I went through one “true” blizzard in Omaha back in 1974. That one came with 80mph winds and left enough snow behind to totally bury all the cars in the parking lot outside my apartment. It was so bad that my Air Force boss called to tell me not to come in for my shift that night, and asked me to tell another Airmen who lived in the same complex (but didn’t have a phone) not to come in as well. I tell ya PT, trudging the couple of hundred yards or so to his apartment and back was one of the scariest experiences of my life! We had what they called a blizzard here in Columbus in 1978 but, although it left a helluva lot of snow behind, I didn’t even know it was happening until I came outside the next morning. A different experience altogether – but I’ve had quite enough of both! 😯

    1. So far the snow in Denver has been nothing compared to the lake effect snow I dealt with in upstate NY. Here it melts off in a couple of days. Up there it just kept accumulating all winter. I guess it depends also on exactly where you live in any area, too. In my apartment complex when I first moved here, there was no good place to pile the shoveled snow, and the close-set three-story buildings kept the sun from drying out the driveways and parking areas. Now I’m in a house where the sun has good access to everything, there are yards in which to pile the snow, and as it happens, my street is a “snow route” that gets plowed. The dangerous blizzards happen out east of here on the plains, where blowing snow easily and quickly obscures everything and there are few landmarks.

    1. It’s on the west side of the house. Catches full south and west sun. I have mixed feelings about it cutting out my view of the sky, but it’s nice to have that shade in mid-summer.

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