The White House was gutted in 1950

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  1. Just finished a great biography on President Garfield. He did the same thing. They were using threadbare carpets to cover all the holes in the floors, even during state dinners heh

  2. Very interesting, PT. I especially like the pictures – I had no idea such things existed, although it is logical. When our present house was being built in 1999 to 2000 I took pictures of each stage of construction, about a dozen in all, and put them in our album. We live in homes, things that despite realtors’ rubric start out as houses.

    Hmm. I am curious what now lies underground beneath the White House. There was lots of digging during the Cold War.

    1. I’d seen these photos somewhere once before, perhaps on some TV show. That’s where I saw something about all the mysterious construction around the White House during the Cold War and more recently. Lots of speculation without any facts — as those shows tend to be.

      I grew up in a house that was built in 1909 and remember when the ceiling in my sister’s bedroom developed a large crack that grew bigger over a number of weeks. At some point, before the contractors were called in but after my sister was moved to another room, about half the ceiling fell. In another incident, a large slab of plaster or concrete fell from under the eaves — the soffit — of the two-story house into the driveway. Luckily no one and no car was there at the time. Suffice it to say I pay close attention to cracked ceilings. No building lasts forever.

    1. I’ve only been in those cities once each, but urban renewal in my old hometown (Oklahoma City) razed many old historical buildings with no thought to anything but “modernization” ala the infamous Pei Plan. Of course, we had nothing like the White House, since the city wasn’t even founded until 1889.

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