Vince Gilligan look-alike?

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  1. Breaking Bad is our favorite too, but we have avoided commentary on it for fear of spoilers because we are still catching up on the episodes. It is the most riveting, most compelling TV series we have ever seen. As for the comparison, I think the main similarity is the whiskers.

    1. My son is re-watching all the previous seasons before taking on the current season and is greatly enjoying seeing details he’d forgotten or overlooked the first time around. I just hope he succeeds without stumbling across a spoiler for this season. Meantime, I can’t discuss current happenings with him. Frustrating!!

    1. I don’t know about Brad Pitt. Hodgman was certainly the person I was trying to recall, but you’re right, I think it was mostly just the whiskers.

    1. “Talking Bad” is definitely lots of fun. They’ll talk about what’s happened in the show so far, the thinking of the writers and actors when they were doing their thing, etc. But they are very careful to avoid giving away anything about what’s to come.

      1. No, they’re very careful not to reveal anything. It’s just very interesting to see the stars sitting around talking about their roles, how they did a certain scene, etc. They do talk about what’s already aired, though, so if you aren’t up to date, don’t watch.

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