Star Trek meets Miley Cyrus (video)

10 thoughts on “Star Trek meets Miley Cyrus (video)”

      1. Fair question. I was reacting to two things.

        1. The outrageous and provocative display of sexuality by an entertainer who has only fit the definition of an adult for 2 years.
        2. The very clever editing of the video clip that captured and reviewed #1. better than 1,000 words could have.

  1. Made me laugh – and appreciate original Trek even more…. Annette never felt she had to ‘escape’ from the Disney recognition factor. What has happened to our world to make 20 yr old entertainers ashamed of a being role models for younger kids and/or having a G-rated image? I miss the cute Hannah Montana Miley. (i realize she is just the latest to jump on the raunch train) PT, thanks for sharing the video!

      1. I know. And yet, on the YouTube clip of Jackie with Oprah, Oprah asks her if there were any singers she might like to perform with in the future, and one she mentioned was . . . . . . Lady Gaga. I kid you not.

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