Storm in DC: Where your lawmakers stand on Syria

11 thoughts on “Storm in DC: Where your lawmakers stand on Syria”

  1. You have declared this issue so important that it over-rides everything else you representatives have done and stood for. Interesting. You must believe that armageddon is here.

    1. Your parliament’s decision should be more than enough to make our government pause. We cannot and should not act against Syria without the full backing and participation of our allies. And obviously we do not have it.

  2. The administrations premise – that some sort of limited military coercion will prevent (or even deter) Syria from repeating (or even escalating) it’s use of chemical weapons amounts to nothing more than wishful thinking. A week ago Ron Paul in an interview I saw on YouTube predicted exactly what’s happening… congressional leaders of both political parties have entered a mad scramble to get enough votes to grant the president the authority to butt in to somebody else’s war where none of the players have any real love for the USA. House members face another election pretty soon… Hopefully they’ll display their customary strategy… getting re-elected… and will vote no.

    1. Not only is it someone else’s war. It’s a civil war. And a sectarian war. And in the Middle East. And … and … and … It’s been interesting to see how the yeas and nays have not fallen along party lines. So far. Seems to me the Republicans are in a tough spot. They’re usually the warmongers, but that would mean supporting Obama. It would all be a very interesting study in politics … if we weren’t talking about bombing another country.

  3. Not the time to disengage. THis is not a time to vote party line. Research, read multiple sources from all sides, make up your own mind – don’t let anyone else tell you how to think – and contact your elected officials – all of them…repeatedly
    Great image at the top.

    1. Yep, yep, that’s exactly what I’ve done. And will probably do again tomorrow, just for emphasis. But unless the president comes up with something totally new and unexpected tonight, I don’t expect to be changing my mind.

  4. Now that the politics on this are kinda…kinda…moving along. I want to say that I’m feeling a bit undecided. I WANT to help. I WANT the beautiful kids in Syria to know something other than anxiety and being scared BUT when I heard we were already sending weapons to the radicals,, I’ll be honest and say I am a bit worried. I know that Al Qaeda are working with them. I know they want to just make everyone feel terror but yet our CIA sees fit to arm them. Bashir Al-Assad needs help emotionally. He seems to think that my kids aren’t exceptional and well I don’t see anything wrong with letting people that we believe in and care about know that. We are all created equal and we are all exceptional in some sort of way including **Mr. Putin** (cough, cough). I’m a bit worried though about a “President” that will gas children that are harmless in his country.

    I’m divided right now.

    1. I agree we shouldn’t be providing arms to the rebels. Why on earth would we do that when we know Al Qaeda is working with them? Besides, I’ve always had a hunch that these days a lot of uprisings in the Middle East start because rebel groups hope/assume the US will jump in and help them. We’ve given them good reason to think that, and it needs to stop.

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