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Category: Syria

How would you deal with ISIS?

How to deal with ISIS? The argument rages on. President Obama defends and is conducting a campaign of attrition, of slowly wearing down ISIS with limited airstrikes, limited ground troops, supplying […]

Air strikes won’t defeat an ideology

Bravo, President Obama. Air strikes in Iraq and Syria, combined with military advisors on the ground are sure to destroy ISIS. Aren’t they? No, of course not. Because ISIS, like […]

Obama, ISIS, and John McCain

I watched President Obama’s speech tonight explaining his plan to deal with ISIS. I was not overly impressed. As he spoke about sending more equipment into Iraq to help them […]

ISIS or ISIL, they’re still just terrorists

I was finally able to remember that ISIS, the jihadist group that’s rolling through Iraq now, stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Learned it well enough to type it without having […]

Iraq and the Pottery Barn rule

No sooner did the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) offensive in Iraq hit the headlines than a particular song refrain popped into my head: “You break it, you pay for it.” […]

Violence is not a solution

I‘d almost tuned out the discussions about Syria and what appears to be an impending US intervention into a secular war that is none of our business. I’ve heard all […]

On red lines and war

In The New Yorker yesterday, George Packer wrote “Two Minds on Syria.” It covers many of the issues in the current “should we or shouldn’t we” discussions about how to […]