Brits try to label states on US map

Image: Buzzfeed
Image: Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

Love this item from Buzzfeed today, brought to my attention by Pandionna (thanks, Pandi!)

Buzzfeed asked Brits to label the states on a map of the US. The results ran the gamut from hilarious to creative to pathetic — and I’m afraid a lot of Americans wouldn’t have done much better. I’m not about to point and snicker, either. It’s a cinch I couldn’t label the counties of England (or even Colorado) and I would probably do very poorly labeling a map of Europe.

Some of the labels: Mr. State, Mrs. State, Oh God Knows, Thingy, Guns, Lobsters, Who Cares, South Dakota, Further South Dakota, WTF, and Hmm.

My two favorite maps were these two with “Breaking Bad” references, but the others are fun in many other ways. Take time to enjoy them all.

Image: BuzzFeed
Image: Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

12 thoughts on “Brits try to label states on US map

  1. OMG PT. They’re all funny, but the “That’s a lot of Utahs” and “The ‘not a clue’ arrow could probably have extended a little further” ones had me absolutely rolling! 😆

      1. I know this will sound strange, be what struck me the most was the handwriting. I’m not sure what I would have expected if I’d ever thought about it, but seeing nothing at all distinguishing it as “British” probably wouldn’t have been it. Crazy, right?

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